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  • Free course material included
  • Sign up and any time, no semester intake schedule
  • Structured courses and study path
  • Progress at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Ages 10 years & older
  • Staatsexamen NT2 I & II, inburgeringsexamen and AKV preparation
  • Learn Your Way: Set program or personalized pace
  • Completely paper-free 
  • Global Access, No Travel Needed
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Master Dutch at your convenience!

Learn Dutch Online offers a flexible and effective way to achieve your language goals. Whether you're looking for individual or group lessons, private or corporate training, we can tailor a program to fit your needs.

Private & Corporate Dutch Lessons for individuals or small groups.

 Learn Dutch online, the rewarding way! Our optimized online tuition makes learning enjoyable and efficient. You'll get personal service from real people who are invested in your progress.

Dive deeper with multimedia & expert guidance! Our courses include interactive lessons and all materials are included – no hidden fees!

Control your learning expenses with flexible payment options

Courses include traditions and cultural aspects of Belgium and/or the Netherlands. 

Live lessons, zero distractions

Custom lesson plans scheduled around your availability.

Paper free for low environmental impact.

No commuting means savings on fuel, energy and time.

Contact us today to talk to a Dutch Expert - Free with no obligation

Dutch for every level 

A forward thinking approach for 21st century tuition

Beginners Dutch Course: 

Build a strong foundation in Dutch to:

  • Prepare for your Civic Integration Exam (Inburgeringsexamen)
  • Communicate confidently in daily life
  • Shop with ease, ask questions at work, and navigate public transport like a pro.
  • Uncover the secrets of Dutch culture - from greetings to traditions!

Intermediate Dutch Course: 

Speak Dutch with confidence

  • Go Beyond the Basics: Grammar, Vocabulary, & Conversation Skills
  • Boost your communication skills at work or socially.
  • Express yourself more authentically in everyday situations

Civic Integration preparation 

Are you signed up for specific exams such as: Cnavt, ITNA, AKV, ..... We will help you prepare so you can take the challenge with confidence. 

Corporate Solutions

We provide customized programs and courses for large and small companies.

We offer employers and recruiters a live and detailed overview of their employee's progress, attendance and schedule among other benefits. 

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Our flexibility and organisational structure allows us to give comprehensive and professional service to individuals as well as small and large business clients at a highly competitive price.

Your allocated trainers are either Flemish or Dutch native speakers, depending on your area of interest, and yes, there is a huge difference when it comes to daily conversation and integration.

 Are you ready to learn about mills, Carnaval, food and meeting people in the Netherlands while learning Dutch? Contact us to book your free consultation and discover the Dutch training course that works for you.

Pandemic-proof Dutch tuition

Due to the nature of online tuition, your health is in no means compromised by being exposed to a class or environment that could contain persons infected with contagious diseases, provided you don't chose a compromised venue to log on from. Please take a moment to view the World Health Organization's guide with information and instructions on remaining safe from infection: click here

Online tuition is nothing new to us and has always been our speciality. Our services are tailored to provide the best results for the online environment and have not been adapted from conventional alternatives.

"After arriving in the Netherlands I started Dutch lessons with Veronique. She really was great, started slow and gradually moved on to more complex grammar things. It was also really helpful to learn about Dutch culture and customs during the lessons!"

"Veronique is really great, she customized my Dutch lessons to what I needed before starting my internship in Rotterdam. I learned a lot in a very short time and I am very happy with my progress. She is friendly and easy to work with and she makes learning Dutch fun.

"Thank you very much, Veronique! You played a major part in me passing my Dutch language exam and to have my job interview in Belgium in Dutch!!! Dank je wel!!

Speak Dutch with confidence and learn to articulate like a native. Sign-up today!

Everybody learns in their own way, we at Learn Dutch Online present our lessons at your pace to make sure you can use what you learn in daily life. 

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