5 reasons why you need to visit Scheveningen on New Years Eve.


Although The Netherlands is a small country it has an impressively long coastline, for its size, extending for more than 500 km along the Northern and Western borders. Along this coastline are many attractions for all tastes, but one of the most popular swimming and sunbathing destinations is Scheveningen. Easily accessible by public transport from Den Haag (The Hague) central station, you can get directly to it with Tram 1 or 9. Kurhaus of Scheveningen is a hotel on the beach which is historically known as the bathing resort of the Queen of Holland. Needless to mention, it is a grand and majestic venue which is well worth the visit, especially on New years eve. Here are 5 reasons to visit Scheveninge on New Years eve: 

1. 1920's New years eve party 

If you enjoy themed events, you can attend the 1920's Newyears eve party at the Kurhaus. This is an opportunity for over 21's to welcome the new year with 1920's styled acts as well as international DJ's. It is described as a "unique and insane event". Book your tickets early to avoid missing out.

2. Ice rink

Outside on the square of the Kurhaus is a 600 m squared ice rink, known as the "Kurhausplein on ice" which is open from early November until the end of January. Visitors are welcome from 10:00 to 22:00 with an affordable entrance fee and skates for hire, should you require any. Other attractions at the rink include ice sculptures and restaurants where you can enjoy a warm drink and meal while watching people ice skate on the rink.   

3. Bonfire 

Traditionally they have a new years eve bonfire on the beach every year which was the biggest bonfire in the world. Due to the dangers involved and some very near misses, the 2019/2020 fire will be restricted to 10 m in height, which is still very impressive, and affords visitors the opportunity to socialize and enjoy the evening from a safe distance. If you are up for a New years beach party in Holland then this is the one for you. 

4. Ferris wheel

Scheveningen Pier offers a huge ferris wheel and a 1000 attendee strong new years eve celebration from where you have a view of the bonfire and beach while enjoying drinks and good music among the crowd of party goers. 

5. New Years dive in the North Sea

For the truly brave they host a "New Years Div" on the morning of the 1st of January every year. The new year is celebrated by a ceremonial swim in the icy North Sea, that signifies a cleansing from the deeds of the year before and entering the year with a fresh start. As many as 10 000 people partake in the annual event and there are paramedics and other first aid staffers on standby to assist those who may need it. Anyone is welcome to join, provided you buy tickets and do it in a controlled and safe environment, but be warned, its not for the faint at heart. Tickets are available from the organisers at the following link

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to visit scheveningen for your New Years Eve celebration. For casual visitors who want a low-key evening, there is a firework display on the beach at midnight that lights up the sky and makes for a memmorable event, especially with the backdrop of this beutifull and historic setting.
If you want to attend the event by means of public transport, please plan ahead as busses and trams are not running throughout the entire evening. You can find more details on the public transport website.

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