All you need to know about AKV test part C : English reading skills


As discussed in our previous blogs, the AKV test consists of 5 separate exam parts. 

In this blog we will discuss in detail all the requirements for the third test part, the English reading skills test. We will also provide many hints and tips for you to be able to prepare thoroughly for this exam part.

Since you are able to read this blog, we are sure you have got this part of the exam covered. Nevertheless here are some more practical hints and tips for you.

In this part of the test you will be given and English text to read and and then between 20 and 30 multiple-choice questions to answer on the related text. The subjects of the text can be medical or non-medical meaning that its rather a test of your proficiency in English than your medical knowledge. 

You are expected to have English reading skills at level B2 to C1 as per the Common European Framework of Reference languages. I short, this means that you can understand the text, not only in subject matter, but also in context and quality. In short your level as English has to be between "Independent user" to "Proficient user" you can find a lot more information on this here

The duration of this test is from 50 to 75 minutes and is completed on a computer. Unlike the Dutch language tests, a dictionary is not permitted.

When broken down, 50 to 75 minutes gives you about 2.5 minutes to answer each question. We strongly advise not to let the time limit dictate the attention you pay to answering your questions correctly. Rather read the questions thoroughly and answer correctly.

As mentioned in our previous blogs in this series, the AKV is for medical professionals from outside the EU who want to legitimize their qualifications and continue practicing their careers in the EU.

The careers are as follows: Pharmacist, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Mental health psychologist, Psychotherapist, Physician assistant, Dentist, Obstetrician or Nurse.

If you would like personal help and assitance with the AKV examen. feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you.