All you need to know about the part ‘ Kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij' or KNM of the Dutch civic integration exam or inburgeringsexamen.


1. What does 'kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij' mean?

In order to be approved for Dutch citizenship or permanent residence, you have to have some knowledge of Dutch society, above and beyond just speaking the Dutch language. To test this knowledge you have to pass the 'Kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij' exam. 

2. What do you need to know to pass this exam?

First and foremost you need to be able to read and understand Dutch as the entire test is conducted in Dutch and you need knowledge of Dutch society, especially regarding customs and habits.
The questions you are presented will include the educational system, the health care system, housing and waste management, the Dutch history and related geography, public and consumer agencies, the various government departments, and other related topics. 

3. Practical information about the exam

The exam is done on a provided computer with a duration of 45 minutes. In the allocated time you will be given video clips to watch, on topics related to the above mentioned, and multiple choice questionaires to complete accordingly. 

4. How to prepare for this exam?

Research based on related websites, blogs forums as well as discussing it with Dutch natives. You can also test your knowledge by doing some practice exams here.
In our courses we combine language learning with the different subjects that you need to pass the integration exam. A couple of themes we present includes; the Dutch educational system, the different agencies and government departments, the political system in the Netherlands, waste management, a typical Dutch birthday party, customs about birth, etc. Our trainers, being Dutch natives, are also available to answer questions or elaborate on these topics to help you pass this exam. To sign up (click here)