Hints and tips for learning Dutch and Flemish 

As mentioned in our previous blog, the following professions when coming from outside the EU, need to register with BIG in order to practice in The Netherlands:
Mental health psychologist
Physician assistant
In order to get that registration you will have...

Although The Netherlands is a small country it has an impressively long coastline, for its size, extending for more than 500 km along the Northern and Western borders. Along this coastline are many attractions for all tastes, but one of the most popular swimming and sunbathing destinations is Scheveningen. Easily accessible by public transport from...

As always, during the first days of December, everyone in The Netherlands celebrates the Saint Nicolas or Sinterklaas festival.
Inevitably all kids grow up but still want to join in the festivities. Adults and teenagers who do not believe in Sinterklaas anymore, still participate in the Sinterklaas festivities. They do it with a more appropriate...